Hush is a series of acoustic pod products owned by Mikomax Smart Office. Mikomax Smart Office is renowned as an expert in office design with over 27 years of experience in office furniture production for an international market. The company also manufactures reception counters, workstations, screens, cabinets and containers, conference tables, and home office products. Their plant is powered by modern technology -- automation and top class laser technology that enables the flexible production needed to create customized products at scale.

Each product line that Mikomax Smart Office manufactures is the result of intensive market research including Hush. The Hush agile acoustic pods are a solution to the problems characteristic of the open office floor plan: distraction, sensory overload, and discomfort. With thousands Hush pods currently ‘live’ all over the world, the Mikomax Smart Office team is proud to promise that Hush makes work make sense again.


The big sell of Mikomax Smart Office’s Hush pods is agility on a macro level. Because the units are ready-made and completely mobile -- requiring no complex disassembly to relocate -- they function as the ideal meeting space option for evolving teams. By their modular design, the units have the capacity to keep up with and adapt to ongoing unpredictable changes in size, location, and office layout preferences. They perform as a creative workaround when ‘quiet’ is needed but walls aren’t an option.

The pods also deliver on compactness, with 2 seater units taking up less space than two standard work desks side-by-side. Investing in a range of pods is now recognized to be a cost-efficient way to build a dynamic and effectual office space -- through compact, mobile units supportive of the needs for both privacy and collaboration.

On a micro level, Hush’s pods supply precisely what is at a premium in the world of modern work: the ability to focus. This ability is ensured through the control over one’s environment that each pod offers. The idea behind the product series is that as the office changes unpredictably, the soundproof pods continue to deliver by giving employees control over how they work every day. Regardless of the vibrancy and dynamism of the larger office space, each pod can be depended on for its predictable, consistent work environment suited to one’s individual preferences and needs.

The accessibility of this optimal work environment functions as the most rudimentary kind of support: the right conditions to do one’s best work, whether together or individually. In this sense, Hush pods are a tool that helps teams perform at their best year to year -- happily and healthily. The larger vision is to give the modern worker Hush in the world of rush. This authority over one’s environment is empowering at time when many teams report being stressed out and exhausted by information and sensory overload in the open office.

The product’s exterior carcass and interior canvas can be customized to express brand details. Each unit is also complete with a choice of accessories: acoustic insulation, active ventilation, power and USB plugs, led light features, and/or a standing-height desk.

The Hush team is excited to debut this next generation of products within the line. New Hush Phone, private space dedicated to phone calls, is characterised by full rear acoustic glass, no middle column and rollers that make Hush even more mobile. Hush Work Sit & Stand is the newest iteration of their popular individual pod designed for solo work -- with a height-adjustable desk built into its interior frame. Hush Meet S is a new closed 2-seater, face-to-face meeting pod that satisfies in its compactness, taking up less space than two standard work desks side-by-side. Hush Meet L is the newest version of the team’s most popular product: a modular acoustic box with a capacity of 10 people. Hush Meet L functions as a substitute for the traditional conference room. The collection, implemented together, serves as a comprehensive range of meeting and work spaces.

On our stand we will also unveil our Stand Up Desk, based on a patented manual height adjustment system for dynamic sit & stand work and Soniq walls that keeps up with work dynamics and continuously emerging requirements. Mikomax Smart Office team members will be present at booth 8C351 during the fair, delighted to meet any attendees with a kindred passion to change the world of work for the better through innovative office solutions.

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