Understanding how workplace design affects employee efficiency

The original article was written by Monica Gibson, an architect as well as a writer for interior design websites around the world, and in this article, she talks about how a workspace can alter employee behavior, productiveness, and profitability.

The quality standards of any work setting goes a long way in showing exactly how an organization values its workforce. However, as important as this is, many employers typically do not create a supportive environment for employee productivity. Some are convinced that each employee should work towards improving their own efficiency and also that as employers, they don’t have a role to play in such a scenario. This is definitely the riskiest conclusion you can make being a boss, manager, supervisor or human resource professional.

'Good working environments go hand in hand with employee productivity and, by extension, revenue generation.' 

That's why although the worker has got an obligation to exercise on his or her productivity, you should not be hands-off with employee wellbeing. It is important for you to encourage your employees to drink less, get sufficient sleep, eat properly, and do much more to ensure they are alert and active at work. Yet the real deal is inspiring them in creating the ideal environment.

In this particular article, we examine the ways by which it's possible to construct a conducive work interior that improves employee intelligence and boosts job performance.

Hilton Hospitality, a great place to work
Hilton Hospitality, Image Source: Great Place to Work

Try combining both natural and artificial light at work

Good lighting helps your staff to stay alert and vigorous. You should not have excess or insufficient lighting in your office. Research indicates natural light is the ideal lighting inside a work environment because most artificial lights cause headaches and might reduce the power of sight when applied in excess. Workers who have got their desks close to a window are generally relaxed and therefore are always in the right mood to work. However, artificial light is a lot easier to dim than daylight, and dimmed lighting assists the human brain to get creative.

In other words, you'll need to blend artificial and natural lighting within your offices for optimal results.

The workplace is changing, Image Source: Steelcase

Get some good office designs and inspirations

Inspiring typography will certainly turn your interiors into a more eye appealing workspace and will even impress visitors. Though it does many more things: art, generally speaking, creates the right environment for employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity. Based on the kinds of inspiring art both you and your employees prefer, art will assist you to get creative during your campaign strategies, to communicate with better with your clients, and also to pursue more business leads successfully. Hanging an attractive painting of the rising sun, for instance, will undoubtedly put the employees in a working mood each and every morning.

Typography at Deliveroo in London, Image Source: Unispace

Have the office properly furnished

Office set-up determines how effective things run at work and also just how the staff execute their core responsibilities. A sluggish computer, for instance, will lead to unimaginable time wastage. Research conducted recently indicates companies lose as much as 4 weeks’ worth of productivity per employee as a consequence of slow technology and infrastructure put in place. In addition to that, nearly 65% of the United States employees report that they'd be motivated to work better if they received the right technological tools to work with.

Internet of Things (IOT) will change workplace design. Image Source: Adobe Campus, San Jose, California, photograph courtesy of Teecom
The Internet of Things (IoT) will change workplace design. Image Source: Adobe Campus, San Jose, California, photograph courtesy of Teecom

Have versatile, flexible desks and ergonomic office chairs

When employees spend hours in search of a comfortable sitting position, they become stressed, demotivated, and clearly unproductive. Also, small desks make it hard for people to manage their workspace; robbing one's concentration they require to work efficiently and effectively.

'In fact, the ability of the human brain to process new information is seriously jeopardized by cluttered and messy workplaces.'

Other studies have proven that it's possible to elevate employee morale by approximately 18% by merely replacing their old furniture with modern, comfortable ones. Even so, it is essential that you invest in furniture that offers flexibility, is versatile and ergonomic chairs that allow employees to work comfortably at your office, instead of the traditional desk, chair concept.

Ergonomic tips for a better workspace, Image Source: Upandrunningdubai.com
Ergonomic tips for a better workspace, Image Source: Upandrunningdubai.com

Design a quiet place inside your office

Keeping noises low is difficult because let’s be realistic: it is not easy to force people to never chat particularly inside an open layout office. However, there are several individuals who just as much as they struggle simply cannot work effectively in noisy environments. Others can't be productive without having some background noise. So, how exactly do you strike an equilibrium between these two categories of people? The right thing to do is to install ambient noises, for instance, rain music for individuals who love noise, as well as a quiet space where those that dislike noisy offices could go to meditate and relax.

Creating a quiet space in your workplace, Image Source: Myturnstone.com
Creating a quiet space in your workplace, Image Source: Myturnstone.com

What changes are you making within your workplace to address employee productivity levels? Let's take to the conversation to social:

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