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Breakfast Club – Part 5 🌞 Tried Anything New Lately?

10 Dec. 2020

Rather than listen to the objections from the inner ‘Chimp’ noisily trying warn you of possible failure, instead, ask yourself 'what if?'



Andrea is a qualified, experienced Wellness Practitioner and Founder of www.absoulutewellness.com, who is innately driven to help people to become the best version of themselves. Over 15 years’ experience in training design & delivery, as well as being qualified and experienced in Wellness and Occupation Health and Safety place her uniquely in the Wellness industry.

The fear of trying something new can be paralyzing. Don't let fear allow you to freeze. Rather than listen to the objections from the inner ‘Chimp’ noisily trying warn you of possible failure, instead, ask yourself 'what if?'

I grew up in a family with a father who was of the 'sink or swim' school of child raising - both literally and metaphorically speaking. I learned new skills involving elements of risk from quite a young age, as my father taught and gently pushed my two older brothers and I to attempt things. Naturally, we were under his supervising eye, so there was an added sense of security.

My father certainly wasn't an irresponsible parent, but by today's standards, most parents would probably be horrified (my risk-averse mother certainly was!) with the activities my brothers and I were encouraged to attempt and refining in our youth. And we survived.

He was a successful businessman, who built his company from the ground up, and was no stranger to taking calculated risks. His ‘sink or swim’ philosophy taught me a healthy confidence mixed with a sense of responsibility and focus. I wouldn't trade the opportunity provided in my youth to try new things.

Today, I still like to attempt activities that are a bit foreign to me; not in a foolhardy way, but by arming myself with as much quality information as I can find initially, then applying a good helping of the old Aussie motto to 'have a go'.

Without knowing anything about website design, I created my own website. I enjoyed the process thoroughly. I had to attempt certain items several times until getting it right, but it didn’t stop me from going ahead. But it’s mine, and I’m proud of it. Is there room for improvement? Of course there is, and though I’ve managed to refine it over time, it’s always a work in progress….but it’s one that I enjoy.

It should never be considered a ‘failure’ to try new things when the execution or result is not quite right. Think instead of it as attempts to refine a final desired outcome.

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊💚