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Art Painting Lab brings inspiring murals and healthy message to Masafi offices

13 Jan. 2021

Masafi's mission was to also reflect company values through the artwork

When UAE-based water brand Masafi needed to refresh its innovation hub, the team there turned to another homegrown talent.

"They came to us in search of something inviting and fresh... To inspire their team and to align with their brand," says Courtenay O'Neil, business development manager at custom art provider,Dubai's Art Painting Lab.

"We wanted to create a concept for them not only visually-rich and mentally stimulating; but a conversation piece that would initiate motivation, positivity and optimism amongst staff. By creating a vibrant and warm space experience, they would feel themselves looking forward to their usual day-to-day routine of going to the office, proud to bring clients in for meetings, driven to want to creatively expand their ideas and thoughts as a result of exposure to the colourful, innovative walls surrounding them daily."

Art Painting Lab and its team of artists created a 20 metre x 7m massively impactful and show-stopping mural featuring two joyful and vibrant portraits; one shows a woman smiling amongst sunflower petals and nature, united together with the other portrait through flowing waves of water, gradients of colour and a hand making the symbol for peace and happiness.

According to Shubhomita Bose, writer for Small Business Trends, when asked why they like office art, 77 percent of professionals said it makes them feel happy. Nearly three quarters said office art inspires them (74 percent) and makes them feel creative (73 percent).

Masafi's mission was to also reflect company values through the artwork, so Art Painting Lab summarised the values into the word 'spirit' and painted it into clouds, paint drips and hands.

More than 36 percent of workers can't recite their company's values and 39 percent don't know their mission statement either. Bold and colourful office art infused with company mottos can provide a creative solution to improving employees' recall.

The chairman of Masafi, who is a big fan of legendary athlete Muhammad Ali, chose to have an inspirational quote from the boxing legend in the entrance of the Innovation Hub to help symbolise health, dreams and a winning attitude, to unite the company's core values with the employee's own goals and motivations.

"We don't always recognize that the walls and space surrounding us can be reflected in what we are producing in our work. That's why art is important in the workplace - to subconsciously help shape our thoughts. If you are sitting in an environment full of interior design and art that you love, it's likely that those positive feelings are going to translate and bloom into the work you are producing," says Sam Saliba, founder of Art Painting Lab.

"Art is an incredibly powerful means of therapy and stress relief," adds Courtenay. "It's role in interior design is to help elevate the design concept, supporting the mood of the room. The right artwork can quickly turn something from cold to warm and inviting. That's the beauty of design – you can create an oasis for yourself that you'll look forward to going into.”

Psychologist Dr Ola Pykhtina: Art has always held a special place in the history of humanity
The works of Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci became well known and admired all over the world not only due to their highly developed skills, but also because their art engages us deeply on an emotional level. It speaks without words; it opens up a whole universe of feelings and impressions that can take you to a different place and time within a moment just by the power of its visual representation and imagination.

Why do people decorate their homes and offices with artwork? Because it feels good to be surrounded by beauty,  and for the energy that the artwork brings to the space in which it is presented. Whether it is a picture of a starlit night or a vase of red poppies, we are likely to have the same emotional response while looking at it as if we were to experience it for real.

As we physically return to offices, many of us need to deal with possible anxiety and panic. Having artwork that radiates calm and safe vibes is one of the steps that we can make in taking charge of our environment to promote our well-being and mental health.

Knowing the power that our surroundings have on our mood and emotional state, it's recommended to create space that promotes positive emotional responses. Also, research suggests, art representing nature helps reduce blood pressure and pain as well as support overall wellbeing.

Source: commercialinteriordesign.com