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Did you know that the average staff member spends about 50% of his/her waking hours at the workplace? That's why; the way the workspace is set up makes a significant impact on their performance and frame of mind.  In fact, employees tend to proactively contribute to their organisation’s goals when they feel supported in their daily work habits.  A study by the Harvard Business Review reveals that engaged employees are more likely to remain mentally invested in the job, thus driving positive business outcomes.

However, with most traditional offices, the problem lies in singular workspaces where individuals are expected to perform a variety of tasks. For the millennial mindset that thrives off collaboration, sharing and flexibility, this often feels restrictive. In fact, poor office design goes so far to even distract your employees, directly affecting your bottom line.

So, let's take a quick look at some of the ways good design promotes productivity & wellbeing at the workplace. Here are five critical components worth making a note of...

#1 Ergonomics: Ergonomics at the workplace plays a vital role in improving employee health and well-being. Ergonomic tools like chairs, task lights and monitor arms will contribute towards maintaining a balanced posture, helping your workforce beat crippling effects of fatigue, back pain, burnout and strain. And, it doesn't end there. Focusing on employee welfare automatically translates to higher employee efficiency while also lowering absenteeism.

#2 Flexible Desks: Movable and modular desks that can be reconfigured to suit any activity or task, is an unquestionable nod to mobility and flexibility at the workplace. A shining example is the Skullcandy office in Zurich that came into limelight a few years ago with the introduction of their highly flexible desks. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the desks could be reconfigured easily to suit individual tasks or collaborative functions.

#3 Lighting: Since employees spend an overwhelming amount of time indoors, access to daylight and outdoor views can significantly reduce visual strain. In fact Cornell University professor, Alan Hedge observed a 51% drop in eyestrain amongst people working in naturally-lit offices. The study also revealed a 2% spike in productivity levels.

#4 Break-out zones: Design is also key when helping employees recharge between meetings and everyday work interactions. Office layouts incorporating break-out zones, in particular, can provide your workforce with a comfortable space to breathe in and unwind during those high-pressure work days. Use these spaces for activities ranging from relaxing luncheons to casual client meetings and beyond. Planning for such stress releasing zones not only boosts morale but also augments output enormously.

#5 Activity-Based Workplace (ABW) Design: The concept of ABW design is that companies create multiple workspaces for different types of activities. For instance, an employee could start his day of work at his desk; retreat to a quieter spot to focus and then move on to a more collaborative zone for interactions like meetings and presentations. Activity-based workplace design offers employees choice and a sense of control over how and where they work. Ultimately this fosters a culture of individual innovation and collaborative problem solving to your most pressing business challenges.

So there you have it, five great ways design promotes productivity & wellbeing at the workplace. Now, if you’re looking to make the most of your commercial design experience, make sure you’re talking to the pros in the field. decormanzil.com is MENA’s prominent design hub helping those seeking design solutions find some of the best names in the industry.

To bring your design project to life simply visit decormanzil.com to get started. We're also on InstagramTwitter & Facebook. Join the conversation today.


Read the original post here: www.decormanzil.com/blog/design-promotes-productivity-wellbeing-at-the-workplace/



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