WOW! (Ways Of Working) is an integrated multimedia communication platform founded
by Renata Sias in 2013.

The core of the platform is WOW! Webmagazine, a bilingual online monthly magazine, the
most authoritative and representative one about workplace sector in Italy.

WOW! broaches the connection between the new life styles and the new ways of working
and analyzes how working places and time impact on Real Estate and on the future of
the cities. WOW! promotes the awareness of quality and innovation in the architecture of
working and common environments, explores the emergent concepts and trends of the
workplace, and pinpoints technologies and managerial strategies directed towards
achieving excellent working environments.

In addition to WOW! Webmagazine, the WOW! Multimedia Platform also includes:

WOW! Newsletter, WOW! social pages, WOW! cultural events

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Renata Sias
E renata.sias@wow-webmagazine.com