About Esra 

Esra Lemmens is an Elevation Expert at her namesake, The Esra Lemmens Agency. Lemmens is a designer, Art director, author, lecturer but moreover a business professional. After receiving degrees in Fine Arts and Design, she focused on developing her career path while collaborating with other designers. She has focused on a growing phenomenon in the design world, distilling her own philosophy, which came to life in her book titled ‘Conceptual Commercialism Commercial Conceptualism’ in it Lemmens describes the future interface between conceptual designers and commercial companies

She now leads an agency with a unique and exclusive objective: Enabling Designers and Artists to realize their full potential and assisting them in positioning themselves and their products according to the 4’C’s in ‘CC-CC’.

Her background in Arts and Design enhance her ability to connect with her clients and bring their optimal visions to fruition. She represents them in a unique way, both customized and optimized through her collaborations with studios, platforms, events, labels, museums, galleries and other resources applicable to the goals at hand.

"I started with designers to make people understand and value what they were doing. When I started it was not really a proper job, I had to create everything myself."

Esra Lemmens build her career on discretion and focuses on empowering contemporary Designers and Artist across the globe accomplishing clear business perspectives.  Nowadays she represents the biggest names in the industry and is the thriving force behind many successful collaborations with major companies such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Ikea. Under her guidance, many contemporary designers and artists have won prominent prizes and became key figures in the industry. Lemmens’s work has an international presence, leveraged by ongoing lectures and workshops. 

At the Esra Lemmens Agency, we believe that, mainly due to the relatively high labor intensity of design, the level of work involved, and also because of its experimental mindset, design contributes to a large extent to high-quality, knowledge-intensive jobs. Reality shows that design plays an increasingly important role in the constantly evolving service economy and in order to be relevant to this market the development of any great concepts stands on the added substance to design itself and the implementation of humanity.

Under the sharp artistic approach and future minded guidance of Esra Lemmens herself, the Esra Lemmens Agency has developed custom strategies that bring clarity and definition to the designers work; it helps convey a specific message to a particular group of people, whether that is a conceptual or a commercial environment.

At the Esra Lemmens Agency we combine Art and Design principles to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction, it connects to what you’re seeing and experiencing. Together with Designers, Artist and cultural organizations we work hand-in-hand to deliver that point, emotionally and physically. We build towards that important, yet sometimes intangible emotion that empowers the artist’s work.

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