We asked different interior designers from across the globe their opinion on different topics & over the course of the months, they provided a unique insight into their design perspectives. Here are the interior designers that are featured: 

Lamia Benhida
Interior Designer
Lamia began her career with art preparatory school in Paris which lead her to “Ecole des Beaux-arts de Lyon” where she experimented many artistic materials and explored different ways of being creative. 3 years later, she graduated from Paris Itecom Arts & Design school, in interior design and scenography specialty.

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Paul Bishop
Interior Designer 
Paul is the Founder of Bishop Design LLC. He oversees all of the Hospitality, Retail and Commercial Projects & the day to day running of the Design Studio. Paul has found his unique Interior Design creations being constructed all over the Middle East and has continued to do so since...

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Pooja Solanki
Interior Designer 
Pooja Solanki is an interior designer turned lifestyle blogger living in Dubai. After a successful career in interior designing and working as senior designer and consultant, she founded p.s interiors in 2010 to provide high-end design, development and aesthetically pleasing services to clients.

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Sneha Divias
Director - Architect 
In 2016 Sneha established Sneha Divias Atelier, a boutique Interior Architecture and Design studio based in Dubai specializing in commercial, hospitality and residential projects. Delivering a complete guest experience with a multi...

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Pallavi Dean
Design Director
Pallavi is the founder and creative force behind Pallavi Dean Interiors, described by Architectural digest "One of the hottest boutique design companies in the UAE”. The firm has an international portfolio, flagship projects include...

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Maja Kozel
Principal Designer 
Maja is the passionate and quirky principal designer at Maja Kozel Designs - a UAE-based spatial design studio. Maja has a degree in spatial design from the prestigious Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

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Esra Lemmens
Elevation Expert
Esra Lemmens is an Elevation Expert at her namesake, The Esra Lemmens Agency. Lemmens is a designer, Art director, author, lecturer but moreover a business professional. After receiving degrees in Fine Arts and Design, she focused on developing her career path while collaborating with other designers.

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