Biophilia is still a new term in our design conversations but is fast becoming one of the most important considerations in the commercial design world. Biophilic Design is essentially a continuation of the Sustainable Architecture movement. This movement created a wide variety of buildings that were both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This sector at WORKSPACE will showcase a range of biophilic design options and concepts that are suitable to commercial interiors.


Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates with nearly 2.9 million people. Today, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas and the United Nations projects to increase to two-thirds by 2050. Yet, despite the outdoors having a powerful impact on our wellbeing, urbanites spend a disproportionate amount of time inside.

“When we ask people to close their eyes and visualize their happy place, 95 percent of the time they will say they are outside,” said Matt Hall, Interface Middle East regional director. Workplace design is a tool that can help trigger our brains into recognizing patterns that connect to the natural environment and that we’re programmed to feel good in.

Nature powerfully engages the mind with “involuntary fascination” which helps restore attention and focus, according to environment psychologist Stephen Kaplan.

Biophilia is about different hues, textures and colors, Hall added. “People have this preconception that nature is green. Biophilia can be inspired by the rich desert colors around us or the formation and movement of the dunes.”

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Biophilic Design at WORKSPACE Exhibition