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Breakfast Club – Part 1 🌞 Do You Have A Morning Routine?

07 Jul. 2020

Are your mornings an enjoyable, anticipated part of your day, made up of healthy routine rituals and habits setting you up in a positive way to get the most out of your day? Or are they a rushed and anxious time, where you launch your mind into the stresses of the day ahead without even having really started it?



Andrea is a qualified, experienced Wellness Practitioner and Founder of www.absoulutewellness.com, who is innately driven to help people to become the best version of themselves. Over 15 years’ experience in training design & delivery, as well as being qualified and experienced in Wellness and Occupational Health and Safety place her uniquely in the Wellness industry.

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Good morning, wherever you are!

From a wellbeing perspective, mornings are a very important time, and having a healthy, low-stress routine can set the tone for the day ahead - positive or negative.

My mornings were once a rather haphazard affair, and a time of day I didn’t look forward to or enjoy. I would wake up as late as possible, not take time to enjoy my breakfast, take in some negative headlines creating a bit of a gloomy world outlook, and heading to work with a clouded mindset and sense of overwhelm. With some conscious tweaks, my mornings are now a power time where I feel energized, and I time that I savor personal rituals. It’s a become a special part of the day for allowing creativity and cultivating a healthy, happy mindset that significantly impacts the rest of my day in a positive way. With that kind of start to the start, day after day, I’m creating a better life. I know, because I can see the difference a morning routine has made in my own life.

We have an average of 25,000 mornings in our adult life, and depending on what’s important to you, there’s an opportunity each morning to be the best version of yourself for the day ahead. 2020 has brought some real challenges to it. For many of us, these testing times have created a level of uncertainty, and with that can come stress. Having a solid morning routine is more important than ever right now for creating a time-space to cultivate a healthy mindset to navigate our way.

So, what do your mornings look like? Could they look better with some conscious habit changes? Follow my Breakfast Club series where I’ll discuss the benefits of having a healthy morning routine and share some simple, yet valuable wellbeing tips to making the most of your mornings to boost your mental and physical health.

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊💚


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